National Public Radio

As a freelance reporter for NPR, I file short pieces for newscasts, features and web stories of national interest. I also occasionally appear as a guest on various NPR shows.

Michigan Redistricting Power Put to a Vote

The Democrats for Governor in Michigan Want You to Know Just How Progressive They Are

Michigan State Reaches $500 Million Settlement Over Nassar Abuse


I’m a co-host and producer of this weekly politics and news segment that airs on multiple stations across the state. The segment is a weekly conversation about important, and sometimes under the radar, statewide issues and why they matter to everyday people.

The District Lines Are Changing…Here’s Why You Should Pay Attention

Deep Dive into the Michigan Speaker of the House

Cracks Forming in Foundation of Bipartisanship in Lansing

Justices Vow #AgressiveNonpartisanship on State Supreme Court

Experts Weigh Michigan’s Piggy Bank, Setting Stage for Divided Government

These Whitmer Cabinet Picks Will Inherit Huge Problems at Pivotal Moments

Attempt to Make Petition Campaigns More Difficult Could Backfire on GOP

Can You Handle This Truth? You Need to Research Your MI Supreme Court Races

Making ‘Boring Bills’ Sexy Again

Michigan Public Radio Network

I cover Capitol news – from bills to board meetings, and everything in between. Our coverage goes out to all NPR stations in Michigan and airs during Morning Edition and All Things Considered. I also appear as a regular guest on various station shows for political analysis, such as WCMU’s Morning Edition, WDET’s Detroit Today, and WKAR’s Current State.


How the Fight Over Abortion Rights in Michigan Became More Partisan and Secretive In Just a Decade

What You Need To Know As Anti-Abortion Groups Get Ready To Canvass

Republicans push controversial lame duck legislation to curb Dems’ power

Blue Wave Hits Michigan

November election could signal change to Michigan’s political ‘color’

AG Schuette, former state Senator Whitmer, Libertarian Bill Gelineau win gubernatorial primaries

Television Ads Play Role In Democrats’ Race Leading Up To August Primary

Republican candidates in knock-down fight for governor

Engler defends his MSU interim presidency at US Senate hearing

Staffing shortage creates stressful, dangerous environment for Michigan corrections officers

Programs that reduce recidivism could be casualties in budget fight over prison spending

In about face, legislature OKs bills as donations pour in

Experts say outlawing female genital mutilation alone can’t stop it

Tribe working to make sure money isn’t an obstacle in school mascot debate

Michigan prosecutors balance new rights of juvenile lifers against promises made to victims

WKAR Freelance Reporter – Flint Coverage

Faces of Flint

Story of Dr. Bobby Mukkamala, an entrepreneur and Flint resident, and his quest to revitalize Flint.

Michigan Radio

Assisted in covering a protest at the University of Michigan.

Assisted in covering the same sex marriage decision.

Engineered, edited and produced Jack Lessenberry’s daily essays and weekly morning interview from May 2015 – August 2015.

Organized, researched, and produced a week-long series for Stateside exploring marijuana in Michigan.

Produced an Audio Postcard following interviews with former female inmates.

The Food Fix Podcast

Host and assistant producer for weekly podcast dedicated to speaking with innovators trying to better feed the world.

Group creates animations to teach agricultural methods

ArtPrize artists explore Michigan’s abandoned farms and child hunger

ArtPrize artist creates piece on water scarcity 

Aquatic life in Ghana

Researchers study food storage to reduce waste

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